Liubov Tokareva-Alexandrovich, to the right, at the opening of her exhibition in Odessa fine arts museum, 1985


Born 4.04.1919 in Odessa.
In 1939 she completed her studies in Odessa state art school. Her teachers such as A.Shovkunenko, T.Fraerman, L.Muchnyk, P.Volokitin, were the prominent painters of that time.
Her studies an the Academy of arts in St.-Petersburg were interrupted by The World war II. In 1949 she graduated from The Academy of art. The same year she began to teach at Odessa state art school. Many of her students have become famous artists. Liubov Tokareva-Alexandrovich was a member of the Union of artists, participated at the numerous exhibitions.

художник Ольга Токарева